Helping to save Romania's orphans from institutional living

Your support helps orphans with developmental delays and disabilities attend the Vibrant kids holistic intervention day center.

$1,267 raised

$10,000 goal

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An American Child's dreams...Ipads, Iphones, new school clothes, friends, little league ....

A Romanian Orphan child's dream play outside, to go to school, to have friends, to have a satisfying meal.

Volunteering at an Orphanage in Romania is like going back in time, in fact it's like time standing still.

Bottles when you are 10 years old , meals of bread soaked in broth, very little clothing, NO schooling, no outside activities, no socialization, only isolation. Shared cribs, little to no attention, rocking yourself because there is no one else to rock you, dreams of touching a dog and going outside. That's the reality of living in a governement run institution.

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